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Giveaway – Remembering the Haiti Earthquake

I remember the footage all too well, the announcement that an earthquake had struck a tiny island nation, the waiting and wondering if people were alive. It’s been five years, and in that time, I’ve experienced what the Lord is doing in the aftermath. Today, I’m hosting a giveawy in support of 3 Cords, a ministry that provides jobs to …

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Gearing up for ACFW

Time for an update on my writing progress! Shadowed is with endorsers, Surrendered is underway, and the next proposal for the Heart of the Lion series is finished (as of today). Which means…it is almost time for the ACFW conference! This is the first year I will be attending as a published author. I love meeting other writers and can’t …

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I'm Just the Messenger Featured Image Kariss Lynch

I’m Just the Messenger

“How’s the writing going?” my coworker asked this week. Usually, I have a tailor-made answer ready for this. “It’s going.” “I’m getting there.” “I love it. It’s hard, but I’m excited about it.” “I’m overwhelmed. But at least it’s for a good reason!” But this time? This time, I groaned. Out loud. Before I could catch myself. The truth is …

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Failure Builds Fighters Featured Image Kariss Lynch

Failure Builds Fighters

Failure can either defeat us or make us fight harder. My parents thought it was weird that I kept every grad school rejection letter. They watched me mourn over every no until the last few when I started asking “now what?” While some might see this as self-deprecation, I saw it as powerful motivation. As discouraged as I felt at …

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