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Dear Women of America

I couldn’t stand with you this weekend, and yet I am one of you. It isn’t because I don’t believe in women’s rights and equality. I do. I believe God created men and women with equal value and different roles. I do not think that inhibits you from doing things independently or charging your own trail. I’m 28 and single …

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Rediscovering Christmas

This a reblogged devotional that I wrote for Faith Happenings. IMAGINE. Imagine what it must have been like to stand in the doorway of a little inn in Bethlehem as hundreds flock back to the city of their ancestry. Crowded streets, smelly livestock, rooms overflowing, a pregnant young woman in labor on your porch. The innkeeper’s wife has to send …

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Is It Enough?

It’s been a busy season. Like crawl in bed at 8pm a couple of nights recently kind of crazy. Work, personal life, and writing all seemed to hit at one time. The night before I was to leave for a Labor Day retreat with 1000 young adults from Dallas/Fort Worth, I got bad news. I texted my community group upset …

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Asking God “Why?”

Four years ago, I stood alone in my apartment raging at the Lord, asking Him “why?” Why did He allow this? Did He not care about me? Why did I feel such incredible pain and rejection? Why did I feel all alone? This morning, I stood in my room getting ready for work, struggling with the same question after receiving …

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What Makes Me Love Jesus More

I’m convinced that smog doesn’t just clog the air of Dallas, Texas. It clogs my mind as well. The constant fast pace, emails, and traffic soundtrack leave my brain frazzled and desperate for a quiet place. More than ever, this year I’ve discovered that escaping the city to the great outdoors makes me love Jesus more. I can’t even explain …

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