Is It Enough?

It’s been a busy season. Like crawl in bed at 8pm a couple of nights recently kind of crazy. Work, personal life, and writing all seemed to hit at one time. The night before I was to leave for a Labor Day retreat with 1000 young adults from Dallas/Fort Worth, I got bad news. I texted my community group upset and unsure if I should still go to the retreat.

But as always, they challenged me to retreat, to leave it all behind for three days.

And I did. I escaped the city for the country where cell reception remained scarce, 1000 young adults packed in a tiny encampment, and really bad 80s clothes surrounded me. It was heaven.

I’ve struggled with this retreat in the past. While I love people, I usually gain energy by being around people I already have a relationship with. But the Lord likes to stretch me. So I was given the privilege of leading a team with an unknown co-leader and about ten others, only one of whom I already knew.

Our staff leaders joke before we go down there that it is the best party of the year and a place where a lot of people meet their spouse. Both are true. But this year, with chaos spinning in my brain, I retreated to the lake and I felt the Lord whisper, “What if I have you here this weekend just to spend time with me and invest in your team? Is that enough for you?”

Too many times I sing praise songs claiming the Lord is enough while demanding more from Him in my prayer life. I hunkered down over the weekend. I spent the bulk of my time building relationships with my team. I laughed and relaxed and carved out time to spend with the Lord. And I saw the Lord bless abundantly.

A girl on my team discovered the beauty of a relationship with the Father who desires her heart more than her performance. I saw girls on my team share their walks and their hearts. I spent a night on the lake talking about life with a girl who saw the beauty of sacrificing what she wanted because Jesus is enough.

I never had to answer the question the Lord sweetly whispered in my ear. He showed me spending time with and investing in the people He gave me to shepherd that weekend was more than enough.

There’s beauty in retreating. There’s bravery in knowing Jesus is enough and then resting in that when the world tells you to work harder. And there’s beauty in letting God be God.

Life is still crazy and will be until this month is over. And every time I get caught up in striving for tomorrow, trying to control what isn’t mine, the Lord sweetly reminds me, “Be faithful with today, with where I have you. Spend time with me. Isn’t that enough?”

And every day I’m learning the answer to that question is “yes.” Retreating with Jesus and trusting Him with today is enough.

What in your life prohibits you from being able to say Jesus is enough? I’d love to hear from you.

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