Christmas Through a Different Lens – No Room at the Inn

I have grown a little too talented over the years with worrying more about my to do list than a need in front of me. It’s a problem. As I imagined Mary and Joseph arriving in Bethlehem, I imagine the chaos that must have been this town with everyone coming home. Rome wanted to account for its citizens, and Joseph and …

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Christmas Through a Different Lens: Little Shepherd Boy

Two of the most powerful words in the English language are “what if.” Though the Bible gives us incredible detail about the Christmas story, I love imagining what it might have been like for those whose stories were never told. And thus began my journey of studying Christmas through a different lens. The shepherds first stirred my heart a few …

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Rediscovering Christmas Featured Image

Rediscovering Christmas

This a reblogged devotional that I wrote for Faith Happenings. IMAGINE. Imagine what it must have been like to stand in the doorway of a little inn in Bethlehem as hundreds flock back to the city of their ancestry. Crowded streets, smelly livestock, rooms overflowing, a pregnant young woman in labor on your porch. The innkeeper’s wife has to send …

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Is it enough Featured Image

Is It Enough?

It’s been a busy season. Like crawl in bed at 8pm a couple of nights recently kind of crazy. Work, personal life, and writing all seemed to hit at one time. The night before I was to leave for a Labor Day retreat with 1000 young adults from Dallas/Fort Worth, I got bad news. I texted my community group upset …

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Release - The Beauty of Letting Go Kariss Lynch

Release – The Beauty of Letting Go

My story is ordinary by most standards. Boring sometimes by mine. And to many, irrelevant. Out of millions of people in the world, why should my story matter? The truth is, it doesn’t. And yet it does. In the grand scheme of eternity, my story is written from beginning to end by the finger of the God who crafted the …

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#ShakeninHaiti by Alicia

Meet Alicia, wife, mom, and all around strong, beautiful woman. Alicia and her husband were my team leaders in my young adults group when I first began serving. Under their leadership, I gained a better picture of servant leadership, braving my comfort zone, and intentionally engaging with people I don’t know for the sake of sharing the gospel. Alicia visited …

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#ShakeninHaiti by Heath

As promised, I am going to share stories of people who were shaken in Haiti. I think often it takes experiencing another culture to shake us from our apathetic American existence. The stories you will read did not happen during the earthquake, rather they happened while these people faithfully served the Lord in Haiti. As a result, the Lord radically …

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