I’m Just the Messenger

“How’s the writing going?” my coworker asked this week.

Usually, I have a tailor-made answer ready for this.

“It’s going.”

“I’m getting there.”

“I love it. It’s hard, but I’m excited about it.”

“I’m overwhelmed. But at least it’s for a good reason!”

But this time?

This time, I groaned. Out loud. Before I could catch myself.

The truth is the last two weeks, I’ve struggled. Struggled with energy, with creativity. With marketing, editing, writing, and creating all at one time. I’ve prayed and then tried to create some more, excited and anxious for the ideas flirting just outside my ability to catch and solidify.


Then I realized.

I forgot. I forget it isn’t my job to fix or succeed. I forgot it isn’t even my place to sell books. (But I can at least tell you about it.) I forgot it isn’t my place to come up with the theme.

I forgot I’m just the mouthpiece, the human God chose to be His messenger with these particular creative stories. I forgot it is my place to seek Him and then watch Him work in and through me to accomplish HIS masterpiece. And His masterpiece isn’t my first book or the one I’m editing now, or the series finale I’m about to begin writing, or the proposal for the next series that was due to my agent two weeks ago.

Nope. His masterpiece is me, the messenger. Because as He entrusts me with these stories, He is in the process of refining me, molding me more into His image as He whispers the truth that He is in control and only He satisfies. He alone holds the message.

So really the only message for me to communicate right now is that the writing and editing and marketing are going well.

But not because of me. In spite of me. He’s already got it under control. And that’s something I can celebrate no matter how many books are sold.

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  1. Stopping by from #FMF…

    Have you ever noticed how, sometimes, Pastors across the country seem to preach a similar message on some Sundays? This is how I’m feeling at the moment. Reading yours and other blogs today on “Messenger” have led me to the conclusion that we lady-bloggers ALL struggle with the same thing! We have this wonderful gift, and sometimes get caught up with the logistics of OUR doing, when we really need to just sit back and let HIM do it. We struggle because we’re trying to steer HIS ship!

    Fantastic writing. We’re all in this together. Bless you!

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  2. Thank you for this post. Although my situation is quite different, this post ministered to my situation at this exact moment, because, I, too, am just the messenger. Thank you!

    Visiting From FMF,

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      Rebecca, I’m so thankful that we can go through different situations but the lessons God teaches us can be applied across the board. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Stopping by from FMF. I loved that closing statement: “In spite of me.” I can totally relate to this post! Sometimes I feel like the creativity flows, but other times I feel like I’m stretching as far as I can to grasp the words I need to write. I’m so glad that God is not bound by my limitations!

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