What Fills Your Cup?


On Fridays we write together for five minutes over at Lisa-Jo’s. One shared prompt. No editing. Just words on paper (screen). Today’s word…


“What fills you?” my community asked me two weeks ago as tears I never expected rose to the surface. Utterly drained, I shared my desire to keep pushing forward with my crazy schedule and my inability to do so.

I couldn’t answer them. Wasn’t sure what to say. Everything seemed like a chore to check off a list instead of something I enjoyed.

But as I left and began to process, I realized what fills me:

It’s the late night conversations with my roommate at 10pm when we both get home that stretch for hours and cover everything and nothing.

It’s the phone calls with my best friends in Virginia and D.C. that make me smile and realize that time and distance can’t diminish quality friendships.

It’s the Sunday evenings spent laughing with my new community and the morning coffee dates with girls I did life with for three years.

It’s the conversations over TV shows, guys, passions, and our deepest longings and struggles.


It’s the visits – the light and the heavy, the time spent discussing quality even in the short quantity of time.

It’s talking with the ones who know my heart and let me know theirs.

It’s the quality time writing my thoughts to the Lord, reading of bold characters in scripture, and falling asleep as I talk to Him.

Visits fill me, plain and simple. And creating margin for those conversations keeps my motor running, even on the crazy days.

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  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful community of friends! I love your name too! The sweetest visits are when we spend time with Jesus. So glad you make that a priority! Bless you!

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  2. Love this post! I’ve been walking through an incredibly over scheduled season. Themes of my life over the last several months– exhausted, discouraged, sick, FOMO, isolated, lonely, depressed. Busyness, at least in my experience is most detrimental when I lose time to invest in others who invest in me. I miss most the quality time spent with other believers who encourage me to press on, not in my own strength, but in His. I’m grateful The Lord pursues relationship with me even, and never leaves me alone especially when I’m too busy and too worn out to put as much energy as I’d like toward pursuing others. Although its been a rocky road feeling distant from family and friends I love to share life with, I think The Lord is training me to seek counsel and run to Him first with the joys and burdens of life.

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      I remember a season like that. It was very refining but very frustrating all at the same time. I’m thankful the Lord gives us reminders to run to Him first. Hopefully one of these days that will be my first thought. Prone to wander… 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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