#ShakeninHaiti by Alicia

Meet Alicia, wife, mom, and all around strong, beautiful woman. Alicia and her husband were my team leaders in my young adults group when I first began serving. Under their leadership, I gained a better picture of servant leadership, braving my comfort zone, and intentionally engaging with people I don’t know for the sake of sharing the gospel. Alicia visited Haiti not long after the earthquake, and, as is usual in this tiny country, her heart was shaken and broken for what breaks the Lord’s heart.

Hopeless. Sorrow. Confusion. Extreme Poverty. Anger. Why not destroy it all?

When I saw the endless poverty and despair that is Haiti, my heart was deeply saddened. Deeply saddened. I truly wondered why God didn’t just destroy it all in the earthquake so that no more children would have to suffer. So that no more mothers would needlessly have a child or even carefully have a child that she couldn’t feed, cloth, shelter and teach sufficiently. From village to village we saw very sick children, orphans, badly wounded or disfigured children and adults, and stealing, angry mobs. How will this ever get better?

After four days of seeing this harsh reality, the Lord graciously reminded me, “I am not slow in keeping my promises as you understand slowness. But I am patient with you, not wanting anyone to die, but all to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9
Through the meticulous, practical, diligent work of Mission of Hope, God is slowly working to rebuild a nation with leaders that fear Him and understand His Word. These Haitians are learning how to govern and lead people and coming to understand basic education and family practices for economic and humanitarian success. God is rebuilding a nation to worship Him, not Satan. God has not forgotten Haiti or each individual person there. He has a beautiful plan.
He is not slow, but is, in His timing, changing hearts to follow Him. Haiti humbled me, encouraged me, changed me. Praise God that He is patient with me and all who have yet to answer His call.
Have you experienced your own “shaken” moment? Share it with me in the comments or by emailing me!

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