Writing with my Friday community over at Lisa-Jo’s for five minutes, purely for the love of seeing what comes out. Today’s word:


I saw the prompt and immediately felt stumped. I have many heroes, some more obvious than others. But then I thought of all the people I admire who remain the unsung heroes in people’s lives.

It’s the young adult who makes sure he walks the girl with the walker to her seat near the front row, attentive to anyone who might bump her out of the way.

It’s the elderly man who holds the door open to the church, like he has for fifty years.

It’s the man I’ve seen in the choir my entire life, never without a smile. He had white hair when I was five, so who knows how old he is now, but consistency is his specialty. I’d know that positive heart of worship anywhere.

It’s the woman who stops to help the mother with the screaming toddler in the grocery store.

It’s the families of the men and women fighting overseas who hold down the home front while they are away.

I can’t help but think I see unsung heroes every day in my boss who puts in extra hours no one sees or hears about to make sure needs are met. In my dad who leaves at the crack of dawn just to pray with someone in the hospital before their surgery at 5am. In my mom who puts in time to edit my writing, paint my sister’s kitchen, or find my brother and his future bride a house.

Heroes are best defined by their servant’s hearts, and today I tip my hat to their unsung character. Even without capes, they leave a lasting impression.

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful post on this word. So true! A hero is one with a humble spirit and a servant’s heart. One who doesn’t even consider themselves in the moment. Glad to have stopped by from FMF!

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